Direct Cash Orders Limited t/a


What could happen if you fail to meet your commitments

All our lending products (except QUICK CASH) are secured by either household chattels or a motor vehicle. Either a security declaration is completed, or a site inspection to record identifying details of the security offered, with this description being noted on the loan agreement.

If you fail to meet your commitments under the loan agreement, DCO FINANCE may be entitled to repossess and sell these items. Should the sale of these items not cover the unpaid balance of your account, you will be liable for this. The extent to which your obligations are secured to the items used as security is the unpaid balance of the loan agreement.

Default interest charges and default fees

In the event of a default in payment, and while the default continues, you must pay default interest charges.

The Annual Default interest rate is 10.00%. This amount is charged ONLY ON THE ARREARS PORTION in addition to normal interest as outlined on initial costs of borrowing.

Default interest is charged from the time you fail to make a due payment until the arrears are paid.

In the event of a breach of the contract, the default fees specified below are payable.

Additional Default Fees

The fees amount may be varied with a minimum of TWO MONTHS written notice from the creditor

$10.00 Default Administration Fee (This is charged each month while the account is in default to cover the increase in administration costs).

$25.00 - per Reminder / Default Notice Fee

$25.00 - per Pre/Post possession Notice

$25.00 - per Visit/Repo Warrant issue Fee

$65.00 - per Internal Agent Field Visit

$20.00 - per Trace Fee if we need to find your new address

Should the services of an external company be used, the fee charged will be per their schedule of fees.