Direct Cash Orders Limited t/a


Additional costs of borrowing

The following charges will apply (in addition to the fees and charges outlined with the initital costs of borrowing if the specific services are required by you during loan application or main maintenance. The fee amount may be varied with a minimum of TWO MONTHS written notice from the creditor.

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Repayment waiver.

Amount Charged Fee Description
$1.15 PPSR Search
$8.05 PPSR Registration
$6.90 CENTRIX Credit Check
$6.90 WHEELS Vehicle Check
$12.82 VEDA Credit Check
$14.75 VEDA Auto Check +
$60 Security Inspection Fee
$35 - $85 Mobile Lending Fee
$35 - $50 Refund / Withdrawal Processing Fee (Not applicable if no outstanding balance)
$10 Direct Debit Set Up Fee
$5 Direct Debit Amendment Fee
$10 Early Settlement Administration Fee (not applicable for loan types QUICK, RAPID PAY, SMALL, MINI FLEX or FLEXI)

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