Direct Cash Orders Limited t/a


What you will need

All our lending products are secured by either household chattels or a motor vehicle (except for QUICK CASH). Either a security declaration is completed, or a site inspection is done to record identifying details of the security offered with this description being noted on the loan agreement.

The initial documentation you will need to provide for all our products is:

Proof of who you are

At least two forms of legal identification to prove who you are, with one of these preferably being photo identification.

Proof of your income and expenses

A copy of your bank statement for all accounts you use, showing the full transactions for the last eight weeks.

Proof of where you live

Three recent letters / bills that have been sent to you in the mail. If you are renting/own your own home, you will also need a copy of your tenancy agreement or last rates assessment notice.

How to apply

Complete an application online and simply email your proofs when requested.

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At the branch
Bring along your proofs to one of our branches and we will do our best to get you sorted.

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